Airline SSIM ( Standard Schedules Information Manual ) on mobile devices
An application service provider model to view airline schedules, equipments used, cities served, arrival and departure times. This will be a unique product due to its delivery platforms. Enterprise mobility is growing, airline personals are on the go all the time and they have to make decisions any time any where. This will provide the travel agents, airline planners, passengers with simple flight iternary display without much key strikes.
Airline Standard SSIM example

Charter Pricing System
Airlines fly charter aircrafts for business personel, MLB, NBA and other major league sports.
Charter is a good money maker for lot of airlines, however if the fcharter is not priced right it can either loose money or leave money on the table. Many complex factors are to be evaluated in order to price charter. Some examples are, availability of
live leg or ferry leg, flight sitting idle at a hub, peak season etc.
OONET's Charter pricing System is going to accurately price the charter so that airlines, charter carriers can quote the right price to it's customers. The system will run on most of the devices, from smart phones to desktop computers. Charter Pricing Application

Profit loss calculation system for stock options trade. Unlike few products available in the market, OONET's system will work on application service provider model where a subscriber signs for 1,3, or 5 years. Schedule D is printed and emailed to the user. It will work on ongoing trades and have the ability to forecast capital gains.

OONET's CRM offering :
Route and Item Tracking View application

API to manipulate airline schedule SSIM file View application

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