Mobile Web Development

Objects On net Inc uses a range of technologies to develop Mobil web Apps that are browser agnostic.

The mobile web is the fastest growing area in online marketplace. Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, iPads and other mobile devices across different manufacturers.

Each device has its unique browser, display capability, screen size, and keypad size. OONET has a templated approach to ensure that the website adapts to the

capabilities of the device/browser and is supported across multiple devices with same user experience. Mobile Web app is cost effective, easy to adapt compared to the native mobile apps.

Using open source HTML5, JQuery, Angular JS for iOS, Android devices we develop worldclass apps at competitive price. Apps are for different industry verticals

such as Airlines, Finance, Banking, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality.

We tame tough to tame technologies like :HTML5, XML, XSL, XSLT, ARIA, CSS3, JSON, AJAX, XML Schema modeling, Mobile web development/native

application development, streaming video,HTML5 video/audio.

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